Severe Weather

  • 23Dec

    Water Supplies in Louth

    <strong>23/12/2010 11:33</strong> Over the Christmas holiday period Louth Local Authorities staff will continue to monitor water consumption in all areas of the county and to manage the networks to ensure in so far as possible that supplies to the Public are maintained. <a href="/en/Severe_Weather/Water_Supplies_in_Louth.html">more...</a>

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  • 8Dec

    Conserve Water Supplies

    <strong>08/12/2010 13:43</strong> Patrons are requested again not to run taps - repair and report leaks - check field watering troughs.

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  • 6Dec

    Water Shortage

    <strong>06/12/2010 15:45</strong> There is an increased demand on the water supply. Householder and business outlets and Farmers are reminded to...

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  • 14Mar

    Removal of Snow and Ice from Private Roads and Car Parks

    <strong>03/12/2010 12:36</strong> <a href="">Removal of Snow and Ice from Private Roads and Car Parks</a>

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  • 29Nov

    Responsible Use of Water - Seven Tips

    Louth Local Authorities are experiencing difficulties in meeting water demand due to the affects of ongoing severe weather.

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