It's Biodiversity Week 2021 (15th - 23rd May). This Biodiversity Week we're asking all elected members and staff of Louth County Council to record at least one wild species on the national biodiversity database. If you see any interesting wildlife, be it a buzzard, or a newt, a rabbit or a daisy, please go to National Biodiversity Data Centre - start recording and log your record. Our new Local Biodiversity Action Plan for Louth has a target of 200 people a year recording biodiversity in the County by 2026. Help us smash that record now! There is an App you can download too, if you want to get serious about recording biodiversity. Both the Android and iPhone Apps can be downloaded from this page, near the top right corner.

County Louth has a new Local Biodiversity Action Plan, since January 2021. It translates the policies in the European Strategy and the National Biodiversity Action Plan to a local level. You can download a copy of the plan from here: Louth Biodiversity Plan 2021 - 2026

Louth County Council has been awarded substantial funding for biodiversity projects in county Louth under the National Biodiversity Action Plan Grant Scheme (2019 - 2021). The funding, provided by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, will go towards wardening Little Terns at Baltray, and various other projects to protect biodiversity in Louth. 17th May 2021