All trailers are registered with Motor Tax Offices & not with the Revenue Commissioners. Louth registered Trailers begin with the letters AN.

From the Monday 18th June 2018 the following documentation must be submitted for first time registering of new or second hand trailers:

First licensing of trailers manufactured on or after 29th October 2012 must be accompanied by:

  • TF100 - used for the registration and licensing of trailers.
  • TF300A - weight identification certificate for New/Imported trailer/semi trailer
  • Cert of Conformity
  • Fee of €60

First licensing of trailers manufactured before 29th October 2012 must be accompanied by:

  • TF100 - used for the registration and licensing of trailers/semi trailers.
  • TF300B
  • Trailer Card (from previous jurisdiction)
  • If Trailer card is not available.  TF300B – this form must be completed by the      manufacturer, or where the manufacturer cannot be contacted, the form must      be completed by an Approved Test Centre (ATC).
  • Fee of €60

Documentation which must accompany the first licensing of all Trailer applications (new or second hand):

  • Utility bill dated within the previous 3 months must accompany the completed forms
  • Proof of PPSN, P60 or Company Registration Office (CRO) Number (applicable only where a Company registered under the Companies Acts 1963 – 2013
  • Original Invoice or lease agreement for the trailer
  • Photo ID, Driving Licence or Passport of Director of company.


To notify a change of details regarding the owner or vehicle you will need:

  • Application form TF100 to notify any change of details regarding the owner, OR, Application Form TF300B to notify any change of details regarding the      vehicle
  • Licence card TF5

To notify the sale of a trailer, you will need:

  • Notification of transfer form TF200, completed by both seller and buyer
  • Licence card TF5 submitted by the new owner

To notify that a trailer is scrapped, destroyed or exported, you will need:

  • Written notification of scrappage / destruction / export
  • Surrender Licence card TF5

 To apply for a replacement Trailer Licence Card, you will need:

  • Application Form RF134
  • Fee of €6

Certificates of Roadworthiness (CRW’s) are required for trailers/semi trailers once the trailer has been licensed in this country for one year.

The fee for the initial registration of a trailer is €60. The fee for trailer licence renewal was abolished on the 1 April 2001 under the Road Traffic (Licensing of Trailers and Semi-Trailers (Amendment) Regulations, 2001. A legal requirement to renew the trailer licence together with the submission of a valid certificate of roadworthiness for the trailer still applies even allowing for the fact that there is no fee required.

Renewal of a Trailer Licence

  • Trailer Licence Card
  • TF100 form to be complete

Please note that all trailer transactions will be processed in the office and posted out to the registered owner. Under no circumstance will a Trailer registration number be given to customers prior to the Trailer being posted.