Mother and Baby Homes

Louth County Council Report on the References to Louth County Council in the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes (2020).

The attached report here was prepared on behalf of Louth County Council and was presented to the Elected Members of Louth County Council on 18th October 2021.

In Louth County Council, just like in many local authorities, there are very limited extant records due to records remaining in hospitals or County Homes at the time of the establishment of the Health Boards and subsequently passing into the custody of the HSE.

The main records held containing reference to adoption or boarding out of children include:

  • Louth Board of Health and Public Assistance, Minutes of Meetings, 1924 -1942
  • Managers Orders, 1942 - 1971
  • A small quantity of Dundalk District Hospital medical return and extra books (for those receiving medical and surgical treatment - not an admission register), 1938 - 1947 with gaps

References may include the name of the child, the date of commencement of placement and the name and location of the foster parent or institution. There is no Fostering Register or record of one ever being established and case files were not created.

Requests for access to information in records held by Louth County Council are replied to in accordance with the County Archives Access Policy and in accordance with Data Protection legislation. It is helpful if the enquirer knows the year or approximate year the child was placed in foster-care as searches can be very labour intensive.


The following matters may be of assistance to persons interested in the subject.

Adoption Tracing

In the first instance, a person should contact:

 Adoption Service, Child and Family Agency, St Mary's Hospital Complex, Drogheda.

 Tel:  041 9893301    E-mail:

It is helpful if the enquirer knows the name of the Adoption Service which arranged the adoption or the name of the Mother and Baby Home from where the infant was placed for adoption.

Fostering and Boarding Out

Pre 1977:

Boarding Out was arranged by Louth County Council.   

Case files were not created.   Information is scant and, where it exists, might only contain the name and address of the person with whom the child was placed.

Post 1977:

The North Eastern Health Board assumed responsibility for fostering in Summer 1977.      The service is now run by Tusla.   

The local office is: Child and Family Agency,   Louth Hospital Complex,   Dundalk.  Tel: 042 9392200.    There is no e-mail address for enquirers.

Counselling Services

There are no dedicated counselling services for people who were adopted or fostered.

Dundalk Counselling Centre, 3 Seatown Place, Dundalk provides a professional service to all in the community.  All therapists are accredited or working towards accreditation with a qualifying body.   

The contact details are: Tel: 042 9338333      Website: 

Callaghan Counselling and ABA Services, 8 Fair Street, Drogheda.   An accredited psychotherapist service is provided.  

The contact details are: Tel: 086 6631316    E-mail: