Past Exhibitions


 Past exhibitions

Over the course of the past number of years the Museum has featured many exhibitions chronicling the history of County Louth and its inhabitants.  Subjects and topics have included:

  • The life and career of Sir Francis Leopold McClintock (Discoverer of the Fate of Franklin and the man who mapped much of the Canadian coastline).
  • The sinking of the SS Dundalk in October 1918, just weeks before the end of the Great War
  • 'Seen But Not Heard – Childhood in Ireland in the 20th Century'
  • 'Patriot Games - Irish and Louth involvement in the Olympic Games'
  • 'Their Story - Irish involvement in the First World War'
  • 'When an Engineer Imagines The life and achievements of structural engineer Peter Rice'
  • 'Raiders, Traders and Innovators – The Vikings and County Louth'
  • 'Birth of Nation - The evolution of Irish Nationhood 1641-1916'
  • 'Archaeological Scene Investigation in north County Louth'
  • 'One Team, One Dream'