PIN Number to Tax Online

Motor Tax Online

For vehicle motor taxation renewals, your PIN number is now the last six digits of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (V.R.C.) number which appears at the top right hand corner of the front of the V.R.C. and begins with the letter C. Your PIN number for this vehicle will remain the same unless its ownership is changed or you make an application for a replacement V.R.C., in which case a new V.R.C. is processed, and a new PIN created.

For brand new / imported vehicles the last six digits of the chassis number remains the PIN to be used when the vehicle is being taxed online for the first time.

If you own a commercial vehicle that has previously been taxed in your name at your local Motor Tax office, the tax can be paid online once the vehicle has a current certificate of roadworthiness.

If you have a query in relation to PIN Numbers you should contact the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport at Tel: 0818 411 412 or e-mail: