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Research Guides

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Research Guide 1 - Tracing the History of Your House

Research Guide 2 - Crew Lists Part 1

Research Guide 3 - Crew Lists Part 2

Research Guide 4 - Passenger Lists - Transportation

Research Guide 5 - Useful Online Sources for Family History & Property History

Research Guide 6 - Genealogy and Family History Sources in Louth County Archives

Research Guide 7 - Townlands List for Co Louth

 Archival Sources English         Archival Sources Irish

Research Guide 8 - Archival Sources for 1912-1923 in Louth County Archives - English

Research Guide 8 - Archival Sources for 1912-1923 in Louth County Archives - Irish


Other Publications

Access the Local Government Archivists and Records Managers 1920 Local Elections Commemorative Booklet here.


Caring for your Family Archives English

Caring for your Family Archives Irish


Local Authority Archives in Ireland

Local Authority Archives in Ireland (42pp), produced by the Local Authority Archivists' Group, funded by The Heritage Council. There are a limited number of free copies available in Louth County Archives Service.  A copy is also available in the County Library.

The book is intended to make researchers aware of the existence and range of local authority archives, and to encourage them to exploit these primary sources fully in their research. In addition to the main series of records found in local authorities, the book outlines records generated by the predecessor bodies of the present local government system, including grand juries, poor law unions, rural district councils and boards of health and public assistance. The archives of urban authorities, harbour authorities and private origin are also outlined. Images are generously interspersed throughout the text to provide visual evidence of the types of documents generated by the various bodies and sections.