Licensing and Events

The Fire Service receives notification of applications to the courts for licences for various types of public premises.  As a notice party for many types of licence applications the Fire Authority may inspect the premises and may be represented at the licence hearing to state its view on the licence application.

Licence applications are usual heard in the District Court and those that require notification to the Fire Service are listed by the Courts Service HERE.

 The typical types of notifications the Fire Authority receives are:

  • Club registrations
  • Lottery Licences
  • Occasional Licences
  • Public Dance Hall Licences
  • Transfer of Licences
  • Public Music and Singing
  • Ad-Interim Transfers

 Prior to inspection of a premises the Fire Authority will require the following items to be submitted: 

  • IS 3218 Fire Detection & Alarm System Certificate
  • IS 3217 Emergency Lighting system Certificate
  • IS 291 Certificate for annual servicing of fire extinguishers
  • Periodic Inspection Report for Electrical Installations

 The Department of the Environment's Code of Practice for the Management of Fire Safety in Places of Assembly is a useful guide for the owners and occupiers of these premises. A sample Fire Register is also included in the appendices of this document.  

 The notification and accompanying forms should be submitted through the eLicensing CSOL application system at, or to the Chief Fire Officer, Louth County Council, Millennium Centre, Dundalk, Co Louth A91 KFW6, not less than 4 weeks before the court date for renewal of the license

Event Licensing

The Fire Authority is a notifiable body as part of the licensing and planning process for large Events, Concerts and Parades.

 The following link is the relevant legislation that applies to events greater than 5000 people

Information on hosting events and an Event Management guide can be found in the Louth County Council Event Management Section HERE.

Smaller events may also be assessed by the Fire Authority as part of the inter-agency event planning process.