Donating Archives

As the County Archives Service, we are very interested in acquiring archives and records that relate to all aspects of the development of County Louth. Such archives may be from individuals, organisations, community groups, societies, national schools, solicitors, architectural firms or various other businesses.

If you have a collection that you would be willing to donate, or know of someone who would, please contact the County Archivist at 042-9324358 or email When a collection is donated or deposited, we request you to complete the following form and to refer to the terms and conditions:

Donation form

Terms and Conditions

Louth County Archives is deeply indebted to those who have deposited or donated collections since its establishment which now form a valuable collection of private material relating to County Louth. These archives are of social and historical importance to our county and present and future generations will now have access to them. The archive collections are a testament to the work and support of Louth Local Authorities past and present, our local historical societies, and members of the community.