Dundalk Town Centre - Collaborative Town Centre Health Check

Dundalk (Dún Dealgan), which is the principal town in the north east of the Republic of Ireland, is a large settlement with a population of circa. 39,000 people (2016 CSO). With a rich industrial legacy, the historic town has a thriving arts and heritage scene, a vibrant leisure and sports culture, plus a growing reputation as a centre of excellence for the pharma industry. Benefiting from a strong economic and employment base, there is a healthy dynamic between resident workers and jobs. Located on the Dublin/ Belfast Economic Corridor, Dundalk and the adjoining Cooley Mountains create a culturally-significant
landscape, which has inspired Irish Folklore for centuries.

The key findings from Dundalk’s first-ever Collaborative Town Centre Health Check and baseline data will inform plans and strategies in relation to the following:
• Arts, Heritage and Culture
• Climate change adaptation
• Commerce/eCommerce and Enterprise
• Cultural Tourism, e.g. music, food, etc.
• Living in the Town Centre
• Public Realm, e.g. historic streetscapes, parks and public spaces
• Renewable Energy / Energy Harvesting
• Strategic Planning and Place-making

Official Launch - Friday 28th June 2019


A summary report of the key findings of a major ‘health check’ assessing the strengths and opportunities of Dundalk’s Historic Town Centre has been launched today by the Heritage Council, Dundalk BIDS, Louth County Council, Louth County Museum, Dundalk Chamber and Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT).

The 15-Step Health Check process measures people’s perceptions of the town’s commercial and cultural choices along with transport, parking and entertainment facilities. Both consumers and business people felt that Dundalk would benefit from an improved public realm, additional residential accommodation and further investment in the historic town’s unique built, cultural and natural heritage. The Dundalk CTCHC Summary Report 2019 will help to inform investment decisions for the future management and revitalisation of the historic town centre.