Safety Alert from Louth County Council

Aerosol cans a serious risk when exposed to heat


Following an event in Dundalk in recent days, Louth County Council is issuing a notification to warn people of the potential serious risk presented by aerosol spray canisters. Louth County Council Fire Service attended an incident which highlighted the public safety risk from aerosol deodorant sprays. Many of deodorant sprays and hair sprays contain highly flammable gases such as propane and butane. These gases are also highly explosive when heated.  Exposure to heat, or a small fire or a candle is enough to cause an aerosol deodorant canister to explode with potentially damaging consequences, including fires and explosions. These explosions are large enough to cause serious injuries and also severe structural damage to houses and apartments. There is a risk of an explosion when an aerosol deodorant or hairspray canister is placed next to any item which can go on fire.


The incident attended shows the risk of fires from charging USB power banks. These should never be left unattended while charging or charged overnight. Ensure all electronic equipment purchased is CE marked. A product that has a CE marking has the benefit that products will be safer and the risk of malfunction or damage will be reduced.


Chief Fire Officer

Eamon Woulfe