County Museum - Mc Clintock - Explorer

County Museum - Mc Clintock, Explorer 

Over the coming weeks we'll be looking back at the many exhibitions we developed over past number of years.

Today we start with one of the most significant projects we've undertaken, arguably the one that set the standard for the exhibitions that were to follow.

November 2007 marked the 100th anniversary of the death of one of Ireland's greatest explorers, Sir Francis Leopold McClintock. McClintock joined the Royal Navy as a volunteer Aat the age of 11 and spent his entire career there, rising to the rank of Admiral by the time of his retirement. He was an inspirational leader to his crew; someone who adhered to the principles of 'observe, record, analyse and apply' and is best known for establishing what fate befell Sir John Franklin's expedition when searching for the Northwest Passage.

This video showcases the highlights of a fondly remembered exhibition on a truly inspirational figure.


Link to Video Clip Below:

Link to Mc Clintock Video Clip