St. Laurence's Gate

Louth County Council intends to undertake a Part 8 planning process for public realm works and improvement of the setting of St Laurence’s gate in Drogheda.  The proposed works will include upgrade of the surrounding paved areas, illustration of the outline of former structures and the town Fosse (that are no longer visible at St Laurence’s Gate) in the proposed natural stone pavement, interpretative history in bronze (or similar) inlays in the pavement, and upgrade to public lighting and traffic management. 

St. Laurence’s Gate is a National Monument (LH024-041005-) in the surrounding National Monuments group of Drogheda Town Defences (LH024-041014-).  St Laurence’s Gate Barbican is reportedly one of the finest remaining examples of its type in Europe.

A comprehensive description of the Town Defences and St. Laurence’s Gate is given on the National Monuments website: