Northern Ireland Planning Application

Major Planning Application for full planning permission on behalf of Newry, Mourne and
Down District Council, in association with Louth County Council, for the following proposed development:

Construction of a 2.01km shared walking and cycling greenway from/to the national border between Northern
Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to/from the existing car-park and amenity site at Victoria Lock via Fathom
Forest - incorporating a 5m wide greenway corridor to include: a 2-3m shared pedestrian and cyclist path; a 0.5-
1m wide buffer area for drainage (where required); and a 0.5-1m buffer to provide suitable boundary fencing
(where required), together with associated site works including directional signage for greenway users, 15 no.
bicycle parking spaces within Victoria Lock, vehicle safety barriers, retaining walls to accommodate ramped
sections of footway, vegetation clearance, re-surfacing and path repairs, drainage works, two uncontrolled
pedestrian crossings each with a street lighting column along the R173/B79 Fathom Line Road, road markings
including coloured surfacing, traffic signage and accommodation works, such as setting back an existing yard
wall to provide additional width and provision of a new wall for an existing driveway.

03 August 2020

SIII - Cover Letter.pdf (size 662.3 KB)

Stage 1 Road Safety Audit.pdf (size 1.3 MB)

Section III Design & Access Statement.pdf (size 6.2 MB)

Section III - Public Consultation Report.pdf (size 10.9 MB)

Section III - Route Corridor Assessment.pdf (size 3.1 MB)

Section III - Tree Survey Report.pdf (size 2.2 MB)

Section III - Flood Risk & Surface Water Management.pdf (size 9.2 MB)

Section III - Location Overview & Site Boundary.pdf (size 7.5 MB)

Section III - General Arrangement Plans.pdf (size 19.3 MB)

Section III - Traffic Details.pdf (size 10.6 MB)

Section III - Proposed Route & Designated Sites.pdf (size 6.1 MB)

Section III - Construction Details.pdf (size 234.4 KB)

Location Overview & Adjacent Greenway Links Plan.pdf (size 9.7 MB)

Section III - Greenway Overview Plan.pdf (size 6.6 MB)

Section III - Archaeological & Cultural Heritage Assessment.pdf (size 3.3 MB)

Ecological Impact Assessment.pdf (size 27.5 MB)

Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Report.pdf (size 2.7 MB)

Application for Permission to Develop Land.pdf (size 490.4 KB)

Section III - Planning Statement.pdf (size 2.5 MB)

Section III - Scheduled Monument Consent Methodology.docx (size 3.3 MB)