N52 Ardee Bypass Public Consultation No. 2

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N52 Ardee Bypass

Louth County Council, with the support of Transport Infrastructure Ireland, have conducted a detailed review of the scheme, considering alternative junction strategies.

The purpose of this public consultation is to invite submissions from the public and interested stakeholders regarding the preferred junction strategy. This information will be used by the design team to further refine the design to minimise the impacts of the scheme on the surrounding environment and communities in advance of the planning application being made.


Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Public Consultation 2 will take place;

Online from Friday 16th October 2020

Website Address: www.louthcoco.ie

The virtual consultation will contain downloadable formats of the following information:

  • Comment form;
  • Brochure; and
  • Layout Drawings.

Louth County Council welcome your submissions and will be facilitating video calls for those members of the public who wish to speak to members of the County Council and the Design Team to discuss their concerns and observations regarding the proposals.

Anyone who wishes to book an appointment for a telephone/video consultation should do so by phoning 01-2940800 or emailing N52Ardee@rod.ie

Dated this 13th October 2020

Eugene Mc Manus, Administrative Officer, Infrastructure

Town Hall, Dundalk.

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Comment-Form.pdf (size 217.2 KB)

Brochure-Low-Resolution.pdf (size 3.2 MB)

Brochure-High-Resolution.pdf (size 17.2 MB)

N52A-ROD-PC2-SW_AE-DR-CH-20101-A0-Junction-1---low-res.pdf (size 1.7 MB)

N52A-ROD-PC2-SW_AE-DR-CH-20101-A0-Junction-1.pdf (size 23 MB)

N52A-ROD-PC2-SW_AE-DR-CH-20102-A0-Junction-2---low-res.pdf (size 1.7 MB)

N52A-ROD-PC2-SW_AE-DR-CH-20101-A0-Junction-2.pdf (size 23 MB)

N52A-ROD-PC2-SW_AE-DR-CH-20103-A0-Junction-3---low-res.pdf (size 1.7 MB)

N52A-ROD-PC2-SW_AE-DR-CH-20103-A0-Junction-3.pdf (size 23 MB)

N52A-ROD-PC2-SW_AE-DR-CH-20104-A0-Junction-4---low-res.pdf (size 1.7 MB)

N52A-ROD-PC2-SW_AE-DR-CH-20104-A0-Junction-4.pdf (size 23 MB)

N52A-ROD-PC2-SW_AE-DR-CH-20105-A0-Junction-5---low-res.pdf (size 1.7 MB)

N52A-ROD-PC2-SW_AE-DR-CH-20105-A0-Junction-5.pdf (size 22.7 MB)

N52A-ROD-PC2-SW_AE-DR-CH-20106-A0-Preferred-Route---low-res.pdf (size 2 MB)

N52A-ROD-PC2-SW_AE-DR-CH-20106-A0-Preferred-Route.pdf (size 5.2 MB)

Junction-Strategy-Report-October-2020.pdf (size 6.4 MB)