Better Energy Communities Grant 2017

Louth County Council's Energy Office have successfully lodged Louth County Council’s Better Energy Community Application for 2017, on Friday, 17th February. The project is named “Northeast Community Energy”, and is a bid for grant aid of €1,050,573, for energy projects with total project costs of €3,062,373.

There are 11 applicants in the project, bidding for grant aid of €1,050,573, with total project costs of €3,062,373.

The Project contains 3 local authority projects, (i) Kingspan/LCC Housing Project which includes retrofitting of 200 local authority houses, (ii) replacing lighting in Dundalk Town Hall with more energy efficient lighting, and (iii) placing Photo Voltaic Panels on roof of County Hall Dundalk for electricity generation.

Update Tuesday 24th October 2017

The SEAI considered the grant application led by The Council and offered grant funding for a maximum grant aid of €968,875.21 earlier this year.  The grant acceptance form was completed and returned to SEAI.

The Council is the grantee for that application for grant funding to SEAI under it's Better Energy Communities Programme.  The project is entitled "Northeast Community Energy".  The Total eligible (for grant funding) Project Cost is €2,770,174.14, inclusive of VAT.

Monthly meetings, led by the Council, were held with the various beneficiaries to discuss the works, requirements for payment of the grant and progress.  Works are at an advanced stage by the beneficiaries for that at present, with the majority of works completed and payment for the works made.  At this stage, also, some grant funding has been claimed and some grant monies paid by SEAI.  The date for completion of the works including payment was 13th October.  The Council made a case for extension of that completion deadline for three beneficiaries and SEAI agreed to that.  We are working with the beneficiaries to ensure full completion of the outstanding works by 30th October and the works are on target for completion by that date.

The Dunleer Community Development Board (DCDB) in partnership with Northeast Community Enterprises (NCE), have also been successful in their bid for grant aid under the Better Energy Communities Programme.  DCDB were approved to upgrade homes, along with more athletic clubs, businesses, a school and more community buildings in the surrounding area.  The grant value request of this years' project is €695k (total value of works is approx. €1M).

The Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) managed by the Dunleer Community Development Board is in the final phase of completing the Better Energy Community BEC 2017 programme for premises across Mid Louth incorporating the following areas, Dunleer, Ardee, Clogherhead, Togher Castlebellingham and Tenure. Completion date is the end of October, eighty seven domestic and ten commercial/ community.  The grant value for this is €695k (total value of works is approx. €1M).

DCDB are also very interested in behavioural change, and have developed programme of education (in the format of an interactive game and supported by Louth CoCo  as an introduction to energy and renewables titled “The Energy Ambassadors”. This is aimed at householders and communities. The programme delivers a message of taking personal responsibility for our energy usage and begins to challenge our current habits and usage. It also encourages the attendees to become ambassadors in their homes, places of work and communities. SEAI sponsored the pilot phase of this programme, which saw several community groups come together for a week of workshops to be the initial test audience for this programme. Dunleer SEC are assisting Ardee to progress along the same route.

The education programme developed by the board the “The Energy Ambassadors” has been delivered to 180 people year to date consisting of householders, community groups, farming groups, public representatives and business.  Data collected from the attendees has shown 98% of respondents were “Very willing” to change their behaviour in energy use and thinking more about using renewable energy. They also detect a willingness to encourage others to attend the programme.

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