Built Heritage Investment Scheme 2018

Built Heritage Investment Scheme 2018                            (10th April 2018) 

Provisional Award of Funding 

Louth County Council is pleased to announce the following structures have been successful and have secured provisional funding under the above grant aided scheme.

No.                                   Structure                                                                 Amount

BHIS18/01                        The Thatch, Donore Rd, Drogheda                               €10,000

BHIS18/02                        Beaulieu House, Beaulieu, Co Louth                             €10,000 

BHIS18/03                        Highlanes Art Gallery, Laurences St, Drogheda             €10,000   

BHIS18/04                       Tully Thatch, Corcreaghy, Co Louth                               €10,000

BHIS18/05                        Drumgoolin Thatch, Louth Village                                 €10,000

Successful applicants must satisfy the terms and conditions outlined in Circular BHIS18/1

Built Heritage Investment Scheme 2018

The Dept. of Culture Heritage & Gaeltacht has announced it is continuing with the Built Heritage Investment Scheme in 2018.

A total of €2 million in funding has been secured to operate the scheme in 2018.

Louth County council has received an allocation of €50,000 under this scheme and is inviting applications.

The fund is intended to assist with works to safeguard structures protected under Planning & Development Act 2000 ( as amended), and in certain cases, works to structures within Architectural Conservation Areas. 

Priority will be given to small scale , labour intensive projects which should demonstrate a range of skills and support the employment of skilled and experienced conservation professionals, craftspeople and tradespersons in the repair of the historic built environment.

The minimum level of funding awarded will be €2,500 up to a maximum of €15,000

A minimum of €50% match funding is required.

Closing date for receipt of applications is Wednesday 31st January 2018 at 4.30pm.

Application forms and further details are available below:

Completed forms can be submitted at any Louth County Council Customer Service Desk or e-mailed to conservation@louthcoco.ie 

BHIS Qualifying Works.pdf (size 260.6 KB)

BHIS Advert.docx (size 16.2 KB)

BHIS 2018 Guidance Circular .pdf (size 609.9 KB)

BHIS 2018 Application Form .pdf (size 346.6 KB)

BHIS 2018 Guidance Circular As Gaeilge .docx (size 123.1 KB)

BHIS 2018 Application Form As Gaeilge.docx (size 62.6 KB)

BHIS 2018 Qualifying and Non Qualifying Works As Gaeilge .docx (size 57.3 KB)

BHIS 2018 Form B As Gaeilge.docx (size 24.7 KB)