Forms and Downloads

Application for Social Housing Support

Please click on the following link for an Application Form for Social Housing Support with Louth County Council 

Social Housing Support Application Form March 2022

Social Housing Support Application Checklist March 2022

Social Housing Support Income Limits May 2021

Social Housing Support HMD Form 1 Medical July 2022

Consent Form for Co Correspondent

Easy to Read Guide to Completing the Social Housing Application 2021.pdf (size 1.3 MB)

Foirm Iarratais don Tacaíocht Tithíochta Sóisialta.pdf (size 3.3 MB)

Seicliosta do Dhaoine atá ag Déanamh Iarratais ar Thithíocht Shóisialta.pdf (size 176.4 KB)

Míchumas agus nó Foirm Faisnéise Leighis.pdf (size 437.7 KB)

Transfer Application Form 

A social housing transfer will only be considered for those tenants who have been allocated a social housing property over 2 years .

All transfer applications will be considered in accordance with Louth County Council's Scheme of Allocations  2017

Transfer Application Form May 2021.docx (size 35.2 KB)

Mutual Exchange of Tenancy Application Form 

A mutual exchange of tenancy will only be considered in accordance with Louth County Council's Scheme of Allocations  2017 

Mutual Exchange of Tenancy Application Form.docx (size 35.2 KB)

Requests to undertake works to council house

See attached Tenants Request to do Work Application Form.

The tenant should also note the following:

Anti Social Behaviour

Louth County Council operate an Anti Social Behaviour Strategy for any investigations of such allegations made in relation to our tenants.
LCC Anti Social Behaviour Strategy

To make a complaint under this policy, please complete the attached form:

2019 Complaints Form.pdf (size 433 KB)

Anti Social Behaviour emanating from tenants of the Private Rented Sector is not a matter for the Local Authority and should be made directly to the landlord or if he does not co-operate to the PRTB.

Housing Rent Forms

How to pay your rent:   Rent Form 

Standing Order Form 

Direct Debit Mandate Form 

Household Budget Form 

Payment Plan Agreement Form

If you have arrears, you must complete a Payment Plan Agreement for Rent and Arrears

Housing Rents Scheme 2021

Please click here for the current Housing-Rents-Scheme-2021.pdf (size 804.1 KB)

Application to Adapt a Council House for a Person with a Disability

Please click here for a form:  DPA Application Form 2019.pdf (size 442.5 KB)

Housing Grants Scheme Booklet

Please click here for an 

HOP Guidelines 2020.pdf (size 571 KB)

MAG Guidelines 2020.pdf (size 425.3 KB)

HAG Guidelines 2020.pdf (size 695.8 KB)

Housing Grants Scheme Application Form

Please click here for an

DPG Application Form 2020.pdf (size 427.3 KB)

Foirm as Gaeilge.pdf (size 389.8 KB)

Tenants Handbook

Tenants Handbook.pdf (size 353.1 KB) has been provided to all tenants outlining the terms of the tenancy agreement.

Estate Managment Policy

An Estate Management Policy is in place in Louth County Council.

Housing Strategic Policy Committee Minutes

Please click here to see the Committee Minutes

Application for Consent to Sale of former Local Authority Dwelling

Please click here to see Consent form for Vendor

Please click here to see Consent form for Purchaser

(Please return to Housing Legal, Louth County Council, Civic Offices, Drogheda, Co. Louth)

Tenant Incremental Purchase Scheme

Please click on the links below for the Tenant Information Booklet and Application Form.  Please note that since enactment of The Water Services Act 2017 on 17th November 2017, tenants are no longer required to provide a certificate of discharge from Irish Water to show that the relevant water charges have been paid.

Tenant Incremental Purchase Scheme 2016 - Tenant Information

Tenant Incremental Purchase Scheme 2016 Application Form

Louth Strategy for Housing Persons with a Disability 

Louth Strategy for Housing Persons with Disabilities .pdf (size 642.1 KB)

Private Rented Accommodation

The following documents provide useful information for both tenants and landlords in relation to private rental accommodation: