Disability Adaptations to Stock

Disability Adaptations to Stock 

An application to adapt a council house for a person with a disability can be made by the tenant for the for the purpose of carrying out works that are reasonably necessary to render a house more suitable for the accommodation of the person with a disability.

Who can apply?

The applicant must be a tenant of Louth County Council.

Person with a disability must be a tenant, joint tenant or member of the household . The person with the disability must occupy the property as his/her normal place of residence.

To qualify for adaptations tenants cannot have rent arrears in excess of 8 weeks rent.Tenants who have arrears must have agreed to a payment plan and must be compliant in the payment plan. 

Adaptations can only be carried  out to dwellings which are in the ownership of Louth County Council.

Applications will be prioritised on the basis of medical need of the applicant by an occupational therapist (OT). 

Permitted Works

Works permitted under the scheme can be varied and may include:

access ramps, accessible showers, stair lifts, adaptations to facilitate wheel chair users, downstairs toilet facilities, extensions to ground floor facilities, any other works that are deemed necessary for the purposes of the rendering a house more suitable for the accommodation of a person with a disability.

Application Form

Further details of the scheme and application are available:

DPA Application Form 2019.pdf (size 442.5 KB)