Accommodation for People with Disabilities

Louth County Council facilitates access for people with disabilities to the appropriate range of housing and related support services delivered in an equal and sustainable manner which promotes equality of opportunity , individual choice and independent living.

National Housing Strategy for People with a Disability 

National Disability Strategy.pdf (size 1.3 MB)

Louth County Council Disability Strategy 

Louth Strategy for People with Disabilities 2016.pdf (size 642.1 KB)

Housing Adaptation Grants

If you are a private home owner Louth County Council provides funding  for a number of  adaptation schemes. All applications are assessed to determine if they meet the assessment criteria . For further details please see application form:

Disability Adaptation to Stock

Incases where the needs of our tenants require physical adaptations to their dwellings, the tenant may apply to the housing authority to have the work undertaken. The application form below should be completed . All applications will be assessed to ensure that all rent is paid , and to consider whether a transfer would be an appropriate solution . An Occupational Therapist will then assess the tenant and recommend any works that can be undertaken, subject to budget being available.