Good Agricultural Practice for Protection of Water Regulations 2017 as amended (GAP)

Requirements as to manner of application of fertilisers/soiled water

  • Livestock manure, other organic fertilisers, effluents, soiled water and chemical fertilisers shall be applied to land in as accurate and uniform a manner as is practically possible.
  • Organic and chemical fertilisers or soiled water shall not be applied to land in any of the following circumstances —

1. the land is waterlogged;

2. the land is flooded or likely to flood;

3. the land is snow-covered or frozen;

4. heavy rain is forecast within 48 hours,

5. the ground slopes steeply and there is a risk of water pollution having regard to factors such as surface runoff pathways, the presence of land drains, the absence of hedgerows to mitigate  surface flow, soil condition and ground cover.

  • Organic fertilisers or soiled water shall not be applied to land —

by use of an umbilical system with an upward-facing splashplate,

by use of a tanker with an upward-facing splashplate,

by use of a sludge irrigator mounted on a tanker,

From a road or passageway adjacent to the land irrespective of whether or not the    road or passageway is within or outside the curtilage of the holding

    • Buffer distances for the land spreading of organic fertiliser/soiled water
        1. Borehole/ Spring or Well - 25m
        2. Borehole/ Spring or Well supplying 10m³ of drinking water – 100m
        3. Borehole/ Spring or Well supplying 100m³ of drinking water – 200m
        4. Lake - 20m
        5. Karstified Limestone feature - 15m
        6. Surface Water (river or drain) - 5m *

    * Regulation 605 of 2017 prescribe for a doubling of the buffer distance from 5m to 10m from any surface waters from 1st September (chemical fertiliser)1st October (organic fertiliser) 18th October (farm yard manure) until 14th February, that being two week preceding and two weeks after the closed period.

    • The Closed Land spreading Season

    Chemical Fertiliser      15th September – 15th January

    Organic Fertiliser         15th October – 15th January

    Farm Yard Manure      1st November – 15th January

      • Odour Nuisance

      There is no sanction under these regulations in relation to odour only in relation to protection of waters.