Litter Control

What is Litter?

The definition of litter is quite wide and extends from casual pieces of paper or cigarette ends to anything large or small which is, or is likely to become unsightly.

How much is an on-the-spot litter fine?

An on-the-spot litter fine is €150 on conviction the max is €3000.

How can I report littering?

Louth County Council has a dedicated Customer Service number : 042-9335457 

Public Places

If you are the owner or the person responsible for a place to which the public has access you are obliged to keep the place litter free, regardless of how the litter got there.

Private Property

The owner or occupier of property which can be seen from a public place is obliged to keep it free of litter. Basically, any outdoor area on your property that is visible from a public place must be kept free of litter.

Litter Black Spots

Where litter has accumulated on property for whatever reason and the litter is visible from a public place, Louth County Council can issue a notice to the owner or occupier requiring the prompt removal of the litter. Such a notice can also set down precautionary measures to be put in place to prevent a reoccurrence. If a property owner or occupier fails or refuses to do everything that has been requested, Louth County Council has the power to do whatever is necessary itself and require the owner or occupier to pay all of the costs involved.

Illegal Dumping

Where Louth County Council finds material that is illegally dumped and establishes the identity of the owner of the material, that person will have a case to answer without necessarily having to be caught in the act.

Extra powers are also available to local authorities to require a householder or business operator to indicate how and where they are disposing of their waste.

If you see someone dumping illegally, report the matter to your local authority who will investigate and take any necessary enforcement action.

Major Events

The promoters or organisers of major events are required to ensure that they have litter control measures in place at the venue and in the surrounding vicinity before, during and after the event. This applies to football matches and other social and sporting events at which large crowds attend. It is possible that this task can be undertaken by the local authority but the promoter/organiser must bear the costs involved.

Mobile Food Outlets

Operators of mobile food outlets selling fast food or beverages, or other outlets such as those selling farm produce are obliged to provide suitable litter bins in the vicinity of their outlets. Also, they must clean-up any litter arising from the operation of their outlets within a radius of 100 metres from their outlet.

Dog Fouling

Dog owners must now remove their pets' waste from public places and dispose of it in a proper manner. This obligation applies to the following places:

  • Public roads and footpaths
  • Areas around shopping centres
  • School/sports grounds
  • Beaches
  • The immediate area surrounding another person's house.

Doggie Information Leaflet.pdf (size 304.6 KB)

Posters and Signs

The law forbids the putting up of posters/signs on poles or on other structures in public places unless you have the written permission of the owner of the pole or other structure in advance of putting up the posters/signs.

Advertising Flyers

The placing of advertising leaflets on car windscreens is prohibited and if you are proposing to distribute advertising leaflets in the street, you should first check with the local authority to see if they have introduced any local litter restrictions, which they are entitled to do.

Presenting your Refuse for Collection

Taking a few small precautions in the way you present your refuse for collection will help enormously in preventing the creation of litter. If you are not already using a wheelie-bin or ordinary refuse bin, you should use strong plastic bags and avoid using lightweight supermarket type bags.

You should put out refuse for collection on the morning of the collection and not on the day or night before.

It is an offence to dispose of your household refuse in street litter bins.