Climate Action Charter

The Climate action Charter commits local government to driving forward meaningful climate action in their communities, through the actions set out in the Climate Action Plan.

The Charter commits Local Authorities to several actions that will ensure that they play a key leadership role locally and nationally in delivering effective climate action.  Among other commitments, all local authorities will:

  • Put in place a process for carbon proofing major decisions, programmes and projects on a systematic basis, including investments in transport and energy infrastructure.
  • Deliver a 50% improvement in energy efficiency by 2030.
  • Ensure all suppliers provide information on their carbon footprint and steps they plan to reduce its impact.
  • Build local citizen engagement, particularly with young people.
  • Partner & collaborate on climate action initiatives with local community groups, local enterprise and local schools and higher level institutions.
  • Monitor, evaluate and report annually on the implementation of activities under the Charter.

The Climate Action Charter can be accessed link below:

Climate-Action-Charter.pdf (size 167.6 KB)