Public Participation for identification of Bathing Waters 2021

Louth County Council, is inviting public participation in the identification of Bathing Waters under the Bathing Waters Directive and the Bathing Water Quality Regulations 2008 (SI No 79 of 2008).

Bathing waters require identification and designation on an annual basis.

Section 4 of SI no. 79 of 2008: The Bathing Water Quality Regulations, 2008, states that:

(1) A local authority shall, in accordance with this Regulation, on or before24 March in each year identify all bathing waters in relation to the bathingseason in that year and shall notify the EPA, in such form and in such manneras may be specified by the EPA, of the bathing waters so identified includingthe reason for any change compared to the previous year.   (2) The bathing waters to be identified by a local authority shall be allelements of surface water where the authority expects a large number of peopleto bathe and where such water—(a) lies within the functional area of the authority, or(b) is immediately contiguous to the functional area of the local authorityand does not lie within the functional area of any local authority.   (3) The bathing waters to be identified by a local authority in respect of abathing season shall not include any waters in relation to which the authorityhas issued a permanent prohibition or advice against bathing, and such prohibitionor advice relates to the whole bathing season. (4) A local authority shall take appropriate measures in accordance withRegulation 17 for public participation in the identification of bathing waters.  

Section 17 of the Regulations states that

(1) A local authority shall encourage public participation in the implementationof these Regulations and shall ensure the provision of opportunitiesfor the public concerned—(a) to find out how to participate, and(b) to formulate suggestions, remarks or complaints.   (2) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (1), a local authorityshall encourage public participation in relation to the establishment, review andupdating of lists of bathing waters in accordance with Regulation 4.


In making your submission in relation to the proposed identification of bathing water sites, it might be helpful to consider the following factors, in addition to numbers of persons using the site: 

Past trends; 

Infrastructure or facilities provided (including accessibility): 

–         Access for emergency services vehicles and rescue craft,

–         Safe access for members of public,

–         Local infrastructure capacity (road capacity, public transport, parking, toilet facilities

Safety considerations:

–         Lifeguard provision,

–         Ground stability,

–         Presence of currents/potentially dangerous rocks;

–         Tidal characteristics;

Habitat protection,

Privacy of bathers and local residents,

Water quality.



Bathing Water Quality Results

Making a Submission

All submissions in this regard should be sent by e-mail to:

Please note that submissions should relate only to

  • those areas inside the County of Louth
  • naturally occurring water bodies (i.e. not to swimming pools)