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Louth Local Community Development Committee

Local Community Development Committees (LCDC’s) are required, under the provisions of Section 128B of the Local Government Act 2001, to prepare, adopt and submit an annual report to the local authority, no later that the 31st March each year, in respect of the performance of its functions in the previous calendar year. The annual report should be coordinated with the preparation of the local authority’s annual report and include an outline of Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) activities in the relevant period. At a minimum the report should cover each of the LCDC functions, as outlined in the Act, but also other areas of activity such as development, review or implementation of community elements of the plan and contributing to the economic objectives of the Plan, both in its development and implementation.


Purpose and Function of the LCDC

  • The committee is made up of representatives from the local government and local development sectors, public bodies and representatives of social, economic, environmental and community interests.

  • Specifically the LCDC is responsible for the strategic coordination, governance, planning and oversight of local development expenditure by local authorities on behalf of the state or by other local development agencies and structures.

  • The functions of the LCDC are set out in Section 128A of Local Government 2001 (as inserted by section 36 of the Local Government Reform Act 2014). They are as follows:-

  • Prepare and adopt the community elements of the 6 year Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP).

  • Implement or arrange for the implementation of the community elements of the LECP.

  • Review the ‘community elements’ of the plan at least once over the six year period and amend as considered necessary.

  • Monitor and review implementation of the community elements and revise actions and strategies as appropriate.

  • Coordinate the management and oversee the implementation of the programmes that have been approved either by the local authority or by agreement between the LCDC and other public bodies.

  • Ensure effectiveness, coordination, consistency and the avoidance of duplication between publicly funded local and community development programmes.

  • Optimise resources for the benefit of local communities and improve the efficiency with which publicly funded local and community development resources are used.

  • Consider and adopt a statement in respect of the economic elements of the Plan to be prepared by the local authorities.

  • Prepare and submit an annual report on the performance of its duties no later than the 31st March each year in relation to the performance of its functions for the preceding year.

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