LEADER is a rural development programme co-funded by the EU which operates a locally-led, bottom-up, approach to meet the needs of local communities and businesses.  The programme supports community groups and private enterprises in rural areas.  LEADER forms part of Ireland’s multi-annual Rural Development Programme which is co-financed by the EU and is part of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP).

The LEADER Programme is delivered by 29 Local Action Groups (LAGs) in 28 sub-regional areas.  These groups are partnerships of public and private entities froma defined geographical area.  LAGs are responsible for identifying and helping to develop local projects which support the themes of Economic Development (including enterprise development and job creation), Social Inclusion and Rural Environment.

Transitional LEADER Programme 2021-2022

On 9th April 2021, The Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys T.D., announced the details of the allocation of the €70 million Transitional LEADER programme for the period 2021-2022.

Of this €70 million, €65m is being allocated across the 29 LAGs, €3m is being allocated to support Co-operation projects and innovation between LAGs and €2m is being provided to support the development of the next LEADER Programme.

County Louth has been awarded €1.8 million funding under the Transitional and EURI Programme funding, which will run from April 2021 to December 2022.

How to apply for LEADER Funding:

The Implementing Partner for LEADER funding, on behalf of Louth Local Action Group is Louth LEADER Partnership.  For more information on Leader funding please see Louth Leader Partnerships website https://louthleaderpartnership.ie/service/leader-2014-2020/

For further information on how to apply for LEADER funding please contact:

Ms Mary O’Neill, RDP Manager, Louth LEADER Partnership, Bride Street, Ardee, Co Louth

T: +353 87 1735168

E: mary.oneill@cllp.ie

W: www.countylouthleader.com