Healthy Ireland Update

 Keeping Well Campaign:

All 5 interviews are available to listen to which were undertaken over the last 5 weeks of the Keep Well Campaign. The interviews contain lots of information about keeping well, activities within our 5k, career guidance, getting the COVID vaccine and our Super Connectors programme.

Super Connectors Programme:

The Super Connectors programme has taken massive strides forward this week where in partnership with Age Friendly Louth, Louth PPN and Healthy Louth we have completed manuals and assigned tablets to different groups in our local area to help them and their members stay connected digitally.

The Genesis Programme:

 The Genesis Programme-The Genesis Programme ‘in the picture’ campaign continued this week where new mothers get in a picture with their newborns and send them into The Genesis Programmes facebook page. This is a really brilliant initiative that has had a massive amount of social media and newspaper coverage over the past few weeks. Well done to everyone involved! #keepwell


Louth PPN

The Louth PPN  Mental Health Thematic group in conjunction with the youth linkage group undertook a ‘ Boosting my Resilience training’ with Sinead Gaynor last Friday which was very beneficial and a successful event.


Louth Sports Partnership

Louth Sports Partnership have a variety of courses going on this month including child safeguarding and first aid courses, see their facebook page to sign up. Don’t forget about the park bench exercise programme where there are lots of different exercises you can undertake in your local park just look out for the posters in your nearest park. If you are interested in Orienteering be sure to sign up to the new Get out and Go Orienteering programme.