National Tidy Town Competition

What is Tidy Towns?

The Tidy Towns competition is a national competition organised by the Department of Rural and Community Development. The competition involves participating towns being rated on all aspects of their local environment. It has been running since 1958 and each year attracts more than 700 communities who compete for a cash award and the title of Ireland's Tidiest Town. For more information on the Tidy Towns Competition, check the website

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The Tidy Towns Competition is sponsored by SuperValu TidyTowns. The competition was originally launched in 1958 by Bord Fáilte. It emerged from a national spring clean festival called An Tostal which translated to “Ireland at Home”. In 1958 the competition received 52 entries. The ethos of the competition at that time was to encourage civic participation and pride in our place. In the intervening sixty years the competition has evolved to keep in line with our ever changing culture but it still holds those same qualities and aspirations to make our place better, to instil pride in our community and to protect our landscape and heritage to hand on to the generations to come after us. The efforts of committees to address issues such as climate change and to bring about behavioural change with regard to issues such as littering are to be commended. Increased awareness of nature and biodiversity in our surroundings are also, in part, thanks to the actions of our TidyTowns committees.

Tidy Towns committees continue to instil a sense of inclusion in their communities, encouraging and welcoming young and old to get involved and to show that we all have something to offer, no matter how big or small that contribution is.

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