Eco Tribe 2020

Unfortunately -  Due to restrictions of Covid19, the Eco-Tribe Competition did not go ahead.


The Theme for Eco Tribes 2020 is  "Create a Pollinator Friendly Garden in Your Community"

12 Steps to follow to ensure your project goes according to plan!
Tidy Towns representatives and school meet to agree a process and timeframe for implementation of
the project.
Select a site in the community for the planting scheme.
The theme this year is pollinator friendly planting, so research should be undertaken on plants that
support pollination, so that a decision can be taken on the suitability of different plants for your
particular site. There are no rules in terms of what plants to be used provided they support pollination
- you can plant flowers, shrubs or even trees or any combination that works in the chosen site.
Step 4
A design for the garden must be agreed between the Tidy Towns Group and the school and can be as
simple or creative as decided provided it comes in within budget.
Step 5
A payment will be provided to each participating school to fund the cost of the plants 
You should select a Tribe Name and logo or brand that will be the identity of the group of pupils
participating in the scheme.
You must document your project throughout its various stages from initiation to completion. Before,
during and after photos can be displayed in the school, or scrap books or a PowerPoint
presentation can be produced - whatever works best for each individual school.
Make sure Value for Money is a key element of your project and think about how you will be able to
demonstrate that on adjudication day.
Remember if it’s planted it has to be maintained!! You need to think about who will water
the plants and weed the beds as they develop! Have a documented plan and make sure you
can implement it.
You must hold a public event or unveiling of your project! This can be as low key or high
impact as you wish but must take place during the month of May (final date to be confirmed
when the date of GROW Awards is advised by Louth County Council).
The judges will visit your school to meet with “the tribe” (usually one class group), and you
will be given advance notice of the date/approximate time of this visit. Ideally your Tidy
Towns group should also be represented at this session.
Participants will be awarded either Gold, Silver or Bronze status depending on the
percentage mark achieved. The prizes will be presented at the Louth County Council GROW
Awards in late May or early June.