Eco Tribe 2019


Eco Tribe Competition in 2019 had the following criteria:

1. Establish a Herb Garden in a community

2 Work with partnership with local Tidy Town Group

3. Select a community site

4. Design/Create a Herb Garden

5. Hold a public event to create awareness

6. Demonstrate learning/increased awareness

7. Agree & implement a maintenance plan

8. Ensure planting has long term impact in the community

Eco Tribes is judged on the basis of Gold, Silver and Bronze status and this mechanism is used to rank the schools across eight distinct headings.   This year the theme was Herbs with schools challenged to work with their local Tidy Towns committee to create herb gardens in the wider community.  Each of the six participants responded magnificently to this challenge creating beautiful gardens but equally, if not more importantly, engaging with the wider community and creating awareness.