Green Christmas Poetry Competition 2020

The idea of this Christmas Poetry Competition is to get us to think about the waste we create and to encourage us to reduce this whatever way we can. From wrapping paper to christmas cards, cardboard packaging, glass bottles, plastic and cans, not to mention all the leftover food waste, the waste mountain is at its largest at Christmas time.  This competition, which was open to all the primary schools in the county, aimed to promote a festive season where we try to reduce waste and recycle more!

To keep everyone safe this year (because of Covid Level 5 Restrictions) the Competition had to be changed with no visit to winning schools and the winning poems voiced over.  Hopefully Covid restrictions in December 2021 will no longer be an issue and this years Christmas Poetry Competition will return to normal! 

This year we awarded prizes to schools from the three Municipal Districts of Drogheda, Ardee and Dundalk, with the winning school from each of three districts receiving a prize of Eur200. There was individual prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize-winners and there was also  an Overall County prize-winner. All Primary Schools were contacted and invited to enter the competition. 

The three winning poems were recorded by LM/FM Radio and aired over the festive period as part of the Louth County Council's "Waste Reduction Go Green Christmas Campaign 2020".

The closing date of competition was Friday 4th December and we were delighted to receive  poems from 29 Primary Schools from across  the county.

Click here to hear the winning adverts from LM/FM Radio that were broadcast over the Christmas period

here for Dundalk Municipal District/ County Overall winning poem (A Christmas Tale)

here (Ardee Municipal winning poem)  (2020)

here for Borough District of Drogheda winning poem (A Greener Christmas)

Results of Green Christmas Poetry Competition Winners are as follows:
Overall winners are Nikola Wieczorek and Kate Rafferty, Redeemer Girls School, Dundalk 
A Christmas Tale

T'was the night after Christmas, and Santa was home, after visiting Lagos, Dublin & Rome

The elves and the reindeer were going to bed, but Rudolph was worried "Santa", he said

"The paper and plastic around all the toys, will cause such a mess for the girls and boys

so please can we fly out again on the sleigh and take all the paper and plastic away?"

Then Santa replied "Little Rudolph you're right but my reindeer can travel, for only one night

 and its not up to me or to you or the elves because the children must care for the planet themselves"

 "So let them recycle the paper and plastic (the fish & the forest will find it fantastic) and the children will get a new gift every day

 The beautiful earth that they won't throw away"

Borough District of Drogheda: 1st St Pauls, Drogheda " A Greener Christmas" by Ozzy Crosby & Tawanda Hove.  2nd St Olivers, Ballymackenny, Drogheda "Clean Green Christmas" by Aimee Rice  3rd Presentation, Drogheda, "A Greener Christmas" by Julia Casey

Dundalk Municipal District: 1st Redeemer NS, Dundalk, " A Christmas Tale" by Nikola Wieczorek & Kate Rafferty, 2nd Scoil Mhuire na nGael, "A Greener Christmas" Harry McGee, 3rd "A Christmas Vow", Niamh, Orla & Clare 6th Class, St Olivers NS, Carlingford

Ardee Municipal District: 1st "2020" by 5th Class Monastery NS, Ardee, 2nd "A Greener Christmas",Molly Keenan, Scoil Mhuire na Trocaire, Ardee & 3rd " A Greener Christmas", Megan Murray, Louth Village NS

1st Prize Borough District of Drogheda - St Pauls NS, Drogheda by Ozzy Crosby & Tawanda Hove

A Greener Christmas

Santa looks around the place with a look of anger on his face

No no you fools you're cutting the trees and dumping your rubbish where ever you please

Your killing the earth with your carbon emissions, me and my reindeer must go on a mission

Santas sleigh went over a house in an Irish town, that was located somewhere in Co Louth

He looked in the window and began to rejoice because this family recycled the wrapping of their toys

He hopes many others will act responsibly too, Will You?

1st Prize Ardee Municipal District - Monastery School, Ardee by Sixth Class


2020 the hottest ever year, lets hope it doesn't affect Santa's reindeer.

Stop burning fossil fuels and polluting the sky otherwise how will Rudolph be fit to fly? 

Fungi is lost in the sea, if there were less pollution maybe he would be easier to see? 

Climate change is not fake news in an ever-changing world, hopefully everyone shares the view

Lets have a safe Christmas with lots of fun and hope we can meet Granny to help her recycle in 2021

Photos showing how enjoyable the Green Christmas Poetry Awards Day usually is!

Realt na Mara Primary School, Dundalk - Overall winners in 2018


Presentation Primary School, Drogheda - Overall winners in 2019  


The contact person in relation to the Green Christmas Poetry Competition is: 

Rosarie Meade, ASO, Community Office, Louth County Council 0429392918 or