Housing Services - Covid-19 HPL1 Temporary Process

The Housing Department will continue to provide a range of serves, but prioritising emergency issues.

Covid-19 : HPL1 Temporary Process


Social Housing applicants and applicants for the Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan should note that in light of the Covid-19 emergency, a temporary alternate arrangement has been put in place that will remove the need for them to have to obtain a physically completed HPL1 form from Revenue, either in person, by post, or by Revenue’s online systems ROS/MyAccount. Instead, the applicant can request that the local authority undertake an electronic process to obtain the information from the Revenue Commissioners. Persons who wish to avail of this option should contact their local authority and request that the relevant HPL1 information be obtained on their behalf by the local authority.“

Additional Mortgage Payment Break

The Department of Housing Local Government and Heritage has approved a further extension to the Mortgage Payment Break scheme for Local Authority borrowers. The scheme is aimed at assisting borrowers that may be temporarily unable to meet their mortgage repayments due to an adverse change in financial circumstances as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. This will allow for a maximum of 4 payment breaks covering a period of 12 months. For more detailed information please follow the links below.

All queries on the Additional Payment Break should be emailed to loanspaymentbreak@louthcoco.ie


Maintenance is being dealt with on an emergency response basis only.


Homeless Services

Homeless services can be accessed through the number referred to earlier


Social Housing and HAP Applications

Social Housing and Housing Assistance Payment applications will be accepted by post or through the post boxes at our offices. Urgent applications will be prioritised for processing.


Rent Queries

Payment of Rent

The payments of rent from tenants of local authority housing continue to fall due as normal.Payment can be made through any bank - quote your rent account number which can be found on any recent correspondence from the Rents Section together with the IBAN number:  IE37BOFI90336520993652

Alternatively payment may also be made at any Post Office using an An Post card. If you do not have an An Post card you can contact our Rents Teams who will make arrangements for you to access that service.

The Rents Team are available at rents@louthcoco.ie 


Reduction of Income

Louth County Council realise that some tenants may be having difficulty paying their agreed rents during this period due to a loss of income. If your income has been reduced please email rents@louthcoco.ie providing a contact phone number.  A Rent Account Manager will call you back and confirm a payment structure while you are on a reduced income. 

Please note on your return to work, or your income is increased, you must revert to paying your original agreed rent.