The Community Call Mobilising Resources - Connecting Communities

COVID-19 is a major public health emergency. It’s having a big impact on how we stay connected as families and communities. We must all follow the Public Health advice to stay at home. This is especially hard for the elderly and the vulnerable who are now cocooned at home.

Community has never been more important than it is now. That is why National Government, Local Government and the community and voluntary sectors have created The Community Call with a network of 31 centres across the country, one in each local authority area.

Our immediate focus is the elderly and the most vulnerable. We are coordinating community activity, organising volunteers and directing help to where it is most needed.

We are in this together: strong, connected communities will get us through.

If you need help; If you know someone who needs help; If you want to offer help — get in touch today: 0818 222 024