Freedom of Information Louth County Council

The Freedom of Information Acts 2014 gives you the legal right:

  • To access your personal records and other official records of Louth County Council
  • To correct or update personal information held about you by Louth County Council, where this information is incomplete, incorrect or misleading
  • To be given the reasons behind any decisions taken by Louth County Council that affect you

The Freedom of Information Act 2014 gives you a legal right to request any recorded information held by Louth County Council.   The right only covers recorded information.

You can ask for the following records: 

  • Any records relating to your personally, whenever they were created,
  • All other records created after 21st April, 1998
  • A “record” can be a paper document, information held on computer or other electronic device, printouts, maps, plans, microfilm, microfiche, audio-visual material , etc.

Your request can be in the form of a question, but the council does not have to answer your question if this would mean creating a new record or giving an opinion or judgement that is not already recorded.

You should clearly identify the information you want.

Some information may not be given to you because it is exempt, for example because it would unfairly reveal personal details about another person.

Summary of Non-Personal requests submitted under the Freedom of Information Act to Louth County Council

Request information from Louth County Council

To submit a request, complete the following form and then send it to us at the address shown below

Note: In order to avoid delays please be as specific as possible when you are requesting records.   For example "Under the Freedom of Information Act 2014 I request records in relation to my Housing Rents file for the last 2 years".   We may need to contact you to clarify the records requested and in this regard, we suggest that you submit a contact number in order to speed up the process.

What happens next

Your request will proceed through the following steps:

  • We will acknowledge receipt of your request within two weeks
  • We will make a decision within four weeks (note, if the request is particularly complex or there are large numbers of records involved, this may be extended to eight weeks). In general, if we do not respond within four weeks, the Act deems your request to have been refused.

Charges for search, retrieval and copying of records

Charges may be applied by us for the time spent finding and retrieving records, and for any copying costs incurred by us in providing you with the material requested.   Section 27 of the FOI Act 2014 refers

Appeal a decision via Louth County Council

If your request is initially refused or part-refused you may appeal this decision to a higher officer within Louth County Council. Again appeal requests must be received in writing to the address below.  If your request is for non-personal records a fee of €30 (€10 for medical card holders and their dependents) made payable to Louth County Council would apply at this stage.

The type of information we hold

Read information about the types of information we hold and the structure of our organisation:

Download the Section 15 & 16 Freedom of Information Manual of Louth County Council.

Guide to functions, structure and records of Louth County Council

Appeal a Decision via the Information Commissioner

The Office of the Information Commissioner is an independent office with powers to review decisions made by Louth County Council.   A request for review to that office for non-personal information requests will cost you €50 (€15 for medical card holders and their dependents).   The decisions of the Information Commissioner are binding. However, you can appeal a decision to the High Court on a point of law.

Submit an Appeal

To submit an appeal, send your request in writing to:

Office of the Information Commissioner
18 Lower Leeson Street
Dublin 2
Tel: 01 639 5689

For more information

Freedom of Information Unit, Corporate Services, Louth County Council, County Hall, Millennium Centre, Dundalk, Co. Louth.

Tel: (042) 9324124

You should also visit the website of the Office of the Information Commissioner

Freedom of Information Act 2014